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2018 holiday party adults.jpeg
2018 holiday party kids.jpeg

Holiday Celebration! Hunterville residents were treated to a wonderful holiday party hosted by Robert and Bonnie Mongno. As the photos below attest, a fabulous time was had by young and old. These events let us review old friendships, initiate new ones, and spend some time to appreciate the very special community we have here. The hosts also get to show off their home, and all agreed the Mongno residence was outstanding.

Got Something to Share? If you have local or personal news, a photograph, art, a poem, or even just a thought that you'd like to share with the community, let us know.



We are creating a historical record featuring some of the homes and people who have lived in Huntersville. Please send us any information you wish to be recorded.



Want to take a walk in the woods? Looking for an alpaca sweater? Need organic farm goods? Check out Huntersville's highlights for all  that and more.


Cleanup 2018-01.jpg

The 2018 cleanup crew, forty strong (39+Bill Kellner on camera) and better looking than ever. 

This annual event is  cathartic, aerobic, and just plain fun. 

Come join us do battle with debris next earth day! 



Please call the Yorktown Police Dept Animal Control. Then, please contact Joan Kellner with any alerts for lost pets at



The village of Huntersville was settled 300 years ago in the Hunterbrook and Croton Valleys, predating the Town of Yorktown by a century. Much of the original settlement was flooded in 1906 by the creation of the New Croton Reservoir. Huntersville lies in the west of Yorktown, north of the Croton Reservoir between the Taconic Parkway on the east and the Town of Cortlandt on the west.

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