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The Huntersville Association is co-ordinated by a volunteer Board of Directors which consists of directors elected for three-year terms and the dues-paying former presidents of the Association. Current Directors are:
Paul Moskowitz

Paul has lived on Hunterbrook Road since 1984. Paul works to preserve the remaining natural beauty of Yorktown. He is a former president of the Huntersville Association, and is a member of the Town of Yorktown Advisory Committee on Open Space, the Energy Advisory Committee, is a founding member of GreenYorktown, and Yorktown Smart Growth.


In his spare time, Paul enjoys outdoor activities like cycling and hiking. Professionally, Paul is a physicist and inventor, who been awarded over one hundred United States patents.

Terry Naumann

Terry Naumann has lived in the Huntersville neighborhood since 1996. She has worked at art museums and alternative spaces including the Museum of Modern Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Drawing Center, and the Fabric Workshop and Museum. She is  an adoption activist and advocate for both children and animals. She is also a member of Yorktown's Landmarks Preservation Commission.

Jennifer Tao

Jennifer Tao and her husband, Larry Lafer, have lived in Huntersville since 1997.


As a classical pianist, she has performed throughout the United States and Europe and has enjoyed presenting chamber music concerts to our area.


She also shares her passion for four legged creatures, particularly cats, and the beauty of our surroundings.

Joan Kellner
VP and Party Planner

Joan Kellner has lived in Huntersville since 2002. A former Con Edison employee, she enjoys reading, gardening and walking.


She is interested in the history of Huntersville and enjoys helping plan neighborhood parties.


John Donnelly, Baptist Church Road; Evelyn Jones, Baptist Church Road; Jonathan Nettelfield, Bridge Point; Whitney Stark, Baldwin Road; Shelly Saltzman, Baptist Church Road; Lisa Walker, Old Logging Road East; and Robin Zahn, Hunterbrook Road.

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